Merchandise For Ploughing Championships

29 August 2017

The Ploughing Championship is an integral part of Irish farming culture, and for customer facing businesses, it’s also a vital opportunity to engage with the public and promote your business. If it’s your mission to spread the word about your company, we can help you to take care of the finer details so that you can sit back and enjoy the success of a job well done.

The Ploughing Championship attracts the biggest crowds at any consumer event in Ireland, and this means that many companies will be vying for public attention during the event. Ensuring that your merchandise is great quality and stands out from the crowd will mean that you make an impact for all the right reasons, and we recommend promotional bags as an excellent option for your business.

OUR TOP TIP: For maximum impact, why not print your stand number on your bag, as well as your logo or message? This will attract new customers and encourage those who see the bag to seek you out.

Why Branded Promotional Bags Make An Impact At An Event

Branded bags are one of the most popular options for promotional merchandise, and this is because they can:

1. Spread the word. Bags offer an excellent opportunity to share your promotional message far beyond those who carry them. Anyone who sees your bag will potentially engage with your brand or logo, and this creates a whole new audience who may follow up with you and become customers if you have pitched it right.

2. Continue to serve a purpose. A bag is a great example of a product that has a long advertising value, being able to be reused repeatedly. This means that your brand remains in front of mind for the user, and that it continues to provide advertising to others around them, for much longer than single or limited use products.

3. Impress the customer. A bag that is high quality and looks great has the potential to impress your customers and potential customers twice – in design and in practicality. Simply providing a way to carry around the flyers and promotional merchandise that is on offer at an event like the ploughing championships will make you popular, and providing one that is truly appealing will greatly enhance this effect.

4. Value for money. Your advertising budget may include room for different types of promotional merchandise, but you will find that products such as bags, which can be reused and are publicly visible, are much more cost effective in terms of the actual amount of advertising you get for your investment. Bags involve a relatively low initial outlay, but provide ongoing opportunities for brand exposure, so are much more cost effective than, for example, single use products or those that remain in desk drawers for their lifetime.

5. Advertising space. It may seem obvious, but it’s important to consider that a bag offers a much larger advertising space than, for example, a pen. For this reason, bags are a popular choice as they can be used to create a really eye-catching campaign or display a beautiful logo that entices your audience to find out more.

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